The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee

Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM)

5800 Baker Rd., Suite 120
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Phone:952-946-8070 Fax:952-238-0958
Territory Serviced: Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota

Organizational information:
Formed in 1985 and incorporated, this 501(c)3 orgainization is insured.
Licensing complies with state requirements
Board and officers are appointed.
This program uses foster homes and boarding facilities.

This program has written policies
This program works with goldens and golden mixes.
This program requires an application fee of $25
They adopt out of the service territory
Requires a dog be returned if the owner cannot keep
Takes ownership of a dog upon intake
Requires a home visit before adoption approval
Follows up with adopters after placement
Dogs are observed and evaluated before adoption
All dogs receive all vaccines (Rabies, DHLPP and any other regionally appropriate tests) before adoption
All dogs have all tests (heartworm, fecal and other regionally appropriate tests) before adoption.
All dogs are altered (spayed or neutered) before adoption.
Other requirements of adoption: RAGOM dogs can not be left in a yard fenced or tied out, or not fenced in while NO ONE IS HOME. They must be inside the home, crated, or free to roam the home. They can not be tied out for many hours unattended, even if someone is home. RAGOM has the right to take back a RAGOM dog if left unattended/or neglected of it's vet care.
Other program features: RAGOM will not place a RAGOM dog into a home where the family does Day Care for children on a daily/weekly basis. RAGOM has stopped placing dogs in Nursing Homes. (Mainly because of weight issues).
Considerations for Intake/Surrender: RAGOM asks questions about the dog with kids/cats/orther pets. If the owner can take away food. We try to not take a known biter, we have taken dog aggressive dogs, but they are very hard to place and require a long time in foster care with a behaviorist working with the foster family to help the dog. If an out of state shelter or puppy mill, we just the dogs in.