The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee

Big Dog Rescue Project, Inc


Organizational information:
Incorporated, 501(c)(3), Full Service Rescue.
Program is insured and has written policies.
Program is an all-breed rescue program and accepts Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes as well as other breeds.
Predominantly accepts dogs in Texas, and adoptions occur in Texas, the Pacific Northwest and Northeast (largely in New Jersey).

This program has written policies
Program takes ownership of the dog at intake.
Program uses foster homes.
Dogs are observed and evaluated before adoption.
Dogs receive all regionally-appropriate vaccines and testing before adoption and are spayed/neutered.
Program requires a Home Visit before adoption approval is given and requires the return of the dog to the program if adopter cannot keep the dog.
There is no application fee.
Veterinarian references are required if applicant has owned a dog in the last ten years.
There is follow-up with the adopter after placement.
Dogs from shelters are given a priority for acceptance.
Dogs with bite histories are not considered.
Dogs must be dog friendly and of sound temperament.


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