The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee

To submit a nomination for a Starfish award please send a short note (approximately 500 words) either by e-mail to or by regular mail to (GRCA-NRC, C/O Maureen McKowen, Administrative Assistant, 121 Sandra Street, Piedmont, SC 29673) describing the reasons you feel the person or group should receive the award. You may be contacted for additional information about your nominee as we attempt to narrow the list of deserving recipients.


Scoreboard 15-02

WHEREAS, Resolution 02-45 created the Starfish Award to recognize individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to Golden Retriever rescue efforts, and

WHEREAS, the National Rescue Committee has recommended changes and updates for this award,


BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that Resolution 02-45 be amended and the following updated Guidelines be approved and adopted:

Purpose: For GRCA to recognize and honor one individual and one program each year for the contributions to the rescue and re-homing of Golden Retrievers.

The Awards: Each recipient will receive a plaque and a monetary award of $100.


  • Nominations of individuals must be persons affiliated with a Golden Retriever Rescue program recognized by the National Rescue Committee (NRC) or of an individual who has made important contributions to the work of these programs without having a formal affiliation with a particular program.
  • Programs may be nominated for this award for their outstanding contributions to rescue programs, Golden Retrievers needing rescue, or creative and innovative contributions to the mission of Golden Retriever Rescue programs.
  • Members and former members of the NRC are not eligible until two years post-service. Recipients of the Award may be considered again after three years.

Presentation:The Awards will be presented at the GRCA Annual Meeting at the National Specialty.

Criteria and the selection process: The National Rescue Committee has developed and will make available on its website information regarding criteria, nominating and selection processes. (See below)

Motion by: Chase
Seconded by: Kopco
Approve: Unanimous
Approved: 02/06/15
Claire Caro, Secretary



Nominations will be accepted from any source with the following criteria to be considered:

  • Nominations must be 500 words or less; the supporting documentation is not limited to a number of words. Submission may be by email or Postal Service. The name and address of the NRC Administrative Assistant who will receive the nominating material will be made available each time the announcement of this award is made.
  • The announcement that nominations are open for this award will be made by the NRC in early January each year using the E-group lists it maintains and by posting on GRCA’s Hot Topics Message Service.
  • Nominations will be received during the period of January through March 31.
  • Criteria to be considered by the selection process are as follows and, thus, the nominations should reflect these issues. However, it is not intended that every nomination must meet each one of these criterion to be considered.
    • Scope of the nominee’s impact (local, state, national)
    • Indication of long-term commitment as opposed to an isolated incident of good deeds.
    • Duration of a program’s or an individual’s commitment to rescue efforts.
    • Number of dogs impacted by the work of the nominees, both in the past or predictably in the future.
    • Service to the canine rescue community at large.


The Chair of the National Rescue Committee will assign selection responsibility to three members of the NRC on a rotating basis. Nominating material will be sent to these three committee members by the NRC Administrative Assistant. The Chair of the NRC will have no role in the selection process but may provide interpretations and background to the selection process upon request. The GRCA, its Officers and Board of Directors will have no role in the selection process.


The NRC members assigned this responsibility will, by May 1, notify the NRC Chair of the selection. Before the recipients are notified and further announcements made, the NRC Chair will notify the GRCA Board of Director’s member with liaison responsibility to the NRC of the selection with a brief description of the contributions the recipients have made.

On May 1, the NRC Chair will notify the recipients, and as soon as possible thereafter, other NRC members will notify the nominators of the person or programs not selected, with the invitation to submit again the following year.

As stated in the enabling Resolution, the Awards and accompanying monetary award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of GRCA at the National Specialty.

If the recipients or persons designated by the recipients are unable to attend and accept the awards, the awards will be sent to the recipients. The recipients will also receive a specially-designed Starfish pin, and may use the Starfish information in its publicity including its website.